Women in Business: Christina Deegan

By Liz Issacs for Business Network

Meet Christina Deegan, the United Kingdomís gift to Bloomington. Prior to arriving in the U.S., Christina worked in public relations for a number of companies in the UK, including being the first woman to train for management for a multinational company.

Deegan says she was a beneficiary of the 1975 Sex Discrimination Act in England. Before the Act was implemented, gender roles largely determined oneís occupation. She remembers a former boss once introducing her to "the four Mís": men, materials, money and machines.

In addition to her public relations and management background, Deegan has been involved with printing most of her life. "Printing and the excitement of creating prints is very addictive," said Deegan. Her husbandís family was from the Midwest, and after a visit to Bloomington to watch his brother play football for IU, the couple felt that the community would be the ideal place to establish roots and set up shop.

"Bloomington provides an environment that is good for building collegial relationships with clients and vendors," noted Deegan. "The city is a patriotic community with a strong network of professionals - a true creative treasure chest."

Since 1992, Christina has owned and operated Blackberry Press Design, Marketing, and Displays, a full-service design firm nestled in a part of the former Hays Grocery building just west of downtown, and the perfect venue to let the creative juices flow. Blackberry Pressís services include graphic design, advertising, marketing, copywriting, illustration, imaging, photography, web design, large format graphics, retail displays and trade show displays.

According to Deegan, the company is one of the only full-service marketing and design firms catering primarily to local businesses. Its clients include Argentum Jewelry, WonderLab, The Helen G. Simon Hillel Center on the IU campus, architect Christine Matheu, and the Womenís Leadership Forum.

Deegan is emphatic about nurturing and developing a strategic partnership with each of her clients, offering complete service, and surrounding herself with a staff that has a passion for its work. She considers her role as a woman business owner an advantage in promoting a creative studio environment, and expresses appreciation for the additional opportunities technology has created for women in business such as herself.


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